Les commandes utiles

Modify a pending batch job.
Delete a job.
Show the status of hosts, queues, and jobs.
submit an interactive login session.
Submit an interactive rsh session.
Submit jobs.
Check the status of a job queue.
-hold_jid : option de qsub, qrsh et qalter
Defines or redefines the job array dependency list of the submitted job.

Commandes diverses

qconf -sm
displays a list of managers.
qconf -sel
displays a complete list of the execution hosts in the cluster.
displays status and load information of execution hosts.
qconf -sq main.q
displays queue properties.
qconf -sc
displays requestable attributes.
qconf -sconf [host,...|global]
prints the global or local (host specific) configuration.

Monitoring and Controlling Jobs

qstat -f
displays summary information about its jobs on all queues and the queued job list. use qstat -f -u “*” to display summary information about all jobs on all queues and the queued job list.
qdel <job-id>
suspends a job that is already running.
qmod -usj <job-id>
restarts a suspended job.

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